Dazzle provides a free Digital Signage and Advertisement Display system for your business in four easy steps.

1. Download and install the Dazzle Server (a free User Guide is also provided)
2. Upload your advertisement and infomercial videos and images to the Dazzle Server
3. Organize in to play-lists (for different departments, stores, etc.)
4. Start the full-screen Dazzle Media players on any PC or device supporting Adobe Flash plugin on a web browser. And that’s it!

You can use a whole range of display devices – an extra screen on POS terminals, normal PCs with LCD monitors, Digital Signage Panel PCs, and possibly low-cost Android tablets.

A single Dazzle Server can manage Display Terminals in many (up to 200) locations. So you can manage the playlists of many departments and stores from headquarters. Dazzle is free and open-source. Click the Download link and you are ready to go!

DazzleBar extension provides a unique solution for targetted Point-Of-Sale advertising. As the purchased products are scanned for the POS system, an advertisement which targets the customer’s specific needs can be displayed. This has two key advantages:

  1. It allows store owners (or manufacturers and suppliers who have an agreement with the store owner) to target customers with specific needs. The store owner can potentially gain extra income from additional sales as well as advertising revenue.
  2. It ensures that customers know about specials or complementary products. The POS (checkout) operator no longer has to remember and repeat the details to each customer – which can be annoying to both the employee and the customer.

The Downloads section contains the executables and a comprehensive User Guide.