Possession Quick Start


Possession has functionality to create Purchase Orders based on minimum/maximum
levels of stock per product.
First, log in as Administrator, and create at least one Supplier. Under the Administration
menu you can find the Maintenance sub menu. Choose the Suppliers option to create one
or more suppliers.



In the Stock menu, use the Products by Warehouse option to set the minimum/maximum
levels for a stock item.



Then under the Products by Supplier option, you can set the purchasing details for the
product. Purchasing details can be different for different suppliers.



Now you are ready to create Purchase Orders.
Under the Administration menu, the Purchasing sub-menu shows the options for creating,
editing and receiving Purchase Orders. Chose the New Order function. You will find three
options for creating Purchase Orders. The first two options will select products that are
below the minimum level you set before. They will order quantities to bring the stock level
up to the maximum level. The third option will create a Blank Order to which line items
need to be added manually.



The difference between the first two options is in what products are selected for the Order.
The first option will only select products for which you indicated that the chosen supplier is
a preferred supplier of the product. This option can be selected in the ‘Products By
Supplier’ configuration explained previously.
The new Order editing screen is shown below. You can change the quantities of the
generated order, or add new line items.



Once you have saved a Purchase Order, you can change the details, or receive it.
When you receive it you can record the actual quantities received. Select the Receive
Order option, and find the relevant. You can search for Active orders by date range and



When you have entered the received quantities (or if all the ordered quantities have been
received) click the Receive button to update the stock levels.