Possession Quick Start



Release 3.0 of Possesion can be downloaded from the Sourceforge site as a Windows installer or a ZIP file for other operating systems.

NOTE: Possession 3.0 Windows installer allows you to rapidly get familiar with Possession functionality. It includes an embedded Derby database instance. For production use or testing with multiple POS terminals, we recommend using Postgres. You can copy the
Postgres database from the db directory of old release installation to a new release, as long as they are the same version. You can’t use a 2.1 database with version 3.0. After downloading, double click the installer to start the process. Accept the license agreement and choose an installation directory.





The Windows installer will create an installation of Possession on the chosen directory, and a shortcut on the Windows Start menu.
Start-up Possession using the menu item Possession 3.0.
You will get the log-in screen. Log-in as Manager or Administrator by clicking the appropriate button (no password is required).