Possession Quick Start


Possession is a Point-Of-Sale system designed for Australian retailers. Version 3.0 of Possession is derived from OpenBravoPOS 2.1.
Possession is designed to work stand-alone without a central ERP system. Therefore it supports purchasing, inter-branch transfers, invoicing and other functionality not supported by OpenBravo.

This is suitable for businesses where the stores control the sales and purchasing process without intervention by the Head-Quarters. Customisations are available for business models where the Head-Quarters controls some processes or requires information from stores for Planning and Budgeting.

In addition Possession is pre-configured for Australian retailers, with support for GST and 5-cent rounding rules, and with support for Lay-by transactions. Customisations are available for Pharmacies and other specialist retailers.
This guide will provide a quick introduction to using Possession 3.0 and features that are different from OpenBravoPOS 2.1. This guide consists of 5 pages. Links to the next page are at the bottom of each page.



The Windows Installer will work with Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Java Runtime or Java Development Kit 1.6 or later must be installed.