Commonwealth Bank’s new Android POS Terminal

Commonwealth Bank of Australia will soon release an Android-based Tablet POS terminal. It has many POS functionality such as payment and scanning built in. Third party software developers will be able to develop apps for it once the SDK is released.

QR Codes on Receipts

QR Codes are the square bar-codes which are increasingly appearing on posters and advertisements. They can contain text, contact details, URL links, or other information. They can be scanned by applications freely available for mobile phones. Retailers are starting to use QR Codes in many novel applications. By printing QR Codes on customer receipts, retailers … Continue reading

The Future of Payment is Mobile

Payment at Point Of Sale using your mobile phone is coming to Australia. NFC technology allows customers to swipe their mobile phone to make payments, and is increasingly available on new mobile (smart) phones. There are opportunities for retailers to incorporate royalty programs and electronic receipting to NFC. Vodafone and Visa Launch NFC Wallet in … Continue reading

Best Wishes for 2013!

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